Rest and Recovery for Maximum gains

Jan 21, 2024

In order to get the most from your body as a pitcher...

We've got to rest and recovery properly. If you've started the Pro Velocity Program from Paisleys Pitching you already know this is a 6 week program. Weeks 1-3 have been focusing on your Strength, Power and Nervous System; that is a lot already! 

So, Week 4 is strategically designed with purpose to rest and recover your body & pitching motion. What does that mean for a pitcher? 

  • Mobility; at least 3 days in your rest and deload week should be dedicated to hip, spine and shoulder mobility. No tools required for many of these exercises and routines. For starters try hip airplanes on the wall and a t spine wall exercise. 
  • Long Toss; at 60-70% of your maximum effort. I highly suggest that with this type of Long Toss you do "walk throughs" and keep the intensity low. We are using this for a relaxing way to work through the pitching motion and stay loose. I program pitchers on deload weeks to work in 20 or less pitches from 43-70ft. Try to do this 2-3 times during this type of week. 
  • Foam Rolling; I can't stress it enough! This can be done nightly, especially on a recovery week. Everything from your foot to your traps can be rolled out with a foam roller or lacrosse ball. I even have a free Recovery Foam Roll Routine for all App Users inside the paisleys pitching app. 

A deload Week is incredibly important for athletes, especially pitchers. If you've been working the same bullpens and exercises your are going to adapt to these and stop progressing. You can also over work in these scenarios which happens often with athletes. If you are feeling stuck, sore or tired; insert a deload week and treat your body to some much needed rest and recovery. Your ramp up is right around the corner! 


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