How to improve your take off and athleticism as....

Feb 29, 2024

SO many great ways to challenge yourself as an Athlete. Over the years of coaching, I've tried nearly all of them too! 

What still stands out to me the most is the need pure athleticism with pitchers. Lacking the springiness and bouncy powerful jumps can hinder your take off on the mound. If you truly understand pitching, then you must know that it takes a really athlete to move the way we do explosively pitch after pitch. 

With personal experience, here are my three top ways to improve your take off; 

  1. SPRINTS - That's right! Get out there and sprint your tail off regardless of how fast or slow you think you are as a pitcher. The more you sprint the better you will get. Flat ground sprints are great but adding in hill sprints can be even more helpful. Try to incorporate sprints 2-3 times a week. 
  2. PLYOMETRICS - get bouncy and jump! Jump fast and jump high with both single leg and double leg power moves. Think quick and fast! You should be doing 2-3 sessions a week with plyometrics between 75-100 touches. 
  3. ISOMETRICS - the oh so painful good burn. Isometrics like deep squats, anything with your heels up and wall launches for your take off position as a pitcher are hands down one of the best tricks in the book. 45-90 minutes a  week is awesome for athletes and this can easily be divided into 3 sessions. These can also be combined into any of your other workouts and bullpens. 

The video above gives a quick glimpse into plyometrics and isometrics for the take off. For sprinting and more head inside the Paisleys Pitching App. Free to download and you can upgrade anytime. 

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