Mindful Pitching 

An 11 Week course to tackle your mind one pitch at a time!

Train your Pitching Mentality!

Become your best Advocate

Learn the skills to think on your own as a developing pitcher. Everyone wants to be confident on the mound but getting there with no plan can be difficult!

Implement the Skills

Videos, Worksheets & Workout guidelines delivered on a weekly schedule to make sure you don't fall behind! Implement the Mental Skills in Practice - transfer it to your games.

Become a Mental Champion

Lead not only your team but yourself! Self Talk strategies, adjusting to batters & physical presence is just the beginning. Imagine knowing you can take down hitters even on rough days. 

I'm Toni Paisley, Founder of Paisleys Pitching, and I'm here to take your Mentality to the next level. As a Former Professional Pitcher I know first hand the importance of having a strong mental game. I wouldn't have made it as far as I did without it! I specifically designed this course with a mission to get pitchers confident in using their mind as a weapon - let's do this!

Mindful Pitching

The best step in tackling your mind as a pitcher both on and off the field

I'm ready to start!