Looking for private pitching development with Toni? Look no further! I am so excited to finally offer what you guys have been asking to do for years! 

  • 20-Minute Zoom Onboarding Session is optional if you'd like help understanding the tools I'll use to train you
  • Monthly Video Analysis from Toni
  • Monthly Programmed Bullpens, Workouts, Warm Ups and Recovery delivered through an App on your phone
  • Ability to send Toni updates and videos from assigned drills each week and chat through the App
  • Access to Academy - easily upgrade to this membership and downgrade back to Academy at your choosing
  • Limited Spots Available
  • This Developmental Training is best for dedicated players who follow workouts and are good at communication
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You'll get a private zoom meeting with Toni to make sure you understand how to access and use your workouts. This is totally up to you! If you have any other questions or things you'd like to let Toni know this is a great space to do that. Toni will use the information to create your workouts and programming for the next 4 weeks. 

Follow up

After our session you'll have access to training content that is specific to your needs. This is where I'll recommend what exercises and drills to do in order for you to make the best adjustments. You'll even have a workout schedule designed just for you. Keep Toni updated inside the App with videos and text messaging for the next 4 weeks. If you are on a recurring plan you'll continue inside of the app with a new video analysis each month and updated training workouts.  

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I can't wait to meet you :)


Send me an email at [email protected]