I soooo wish that I could train with all of you In-Person, but I am fully booked! If you'd like to recieve email notifications for any available training sessions please sign up below on the Standby List.

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In-Person Training Membership

  • Weekly Training with 2 Pitcher Privates or 4 Pitcher Groups
  • Online resources for training outside of lessons delivered through apps and PDF's
  • Customized Arm Care Training and Weekly Testing
  • Movement Capacity Screen and Customized Workouts Outside of Lessons
  • Occasional Rapsodo and 4D Motion Testing 

Online Academy Membership

  • Online resources for training under the Paisleys Pitching System
  • Learn your Movement Capacity, Kinematics of your pitching motion and specialized spins to have in your arsenal
  • Over 400 Videos, training programs and daily workouts to follow
  • Occasional Zoom or live talks with me and other members

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I can't wait to meet you :)