I have purchased the subscription - what now?

Congrats! After purchasing the Academy you must create your Member Login so you can get access to the Academy. Click "Enter Academy" on the Academy's home page and you will be able to create your login. Note - if your academy login does not match your subscription email please notify me for quicker access

What age and skill levels does the Academy support?

All ages and skill levels! Inside the Academy you will find instructional tools for beginning pitchers all the way to the Collegiate & Professional levels. I have played on every single level of softball and will bring you the instruction it takes to be successful throughout your pitching journey.

I am a parent with zero pitching experience and/or knowledge. Can the Academy help me help my daughter?

Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to create an online training space. Inside the Academy you will learn the ins & outs of the pitching motion through easy to understand instructional videos and documents. I want all of my members to understand the pitching motion so much so that they can help their own pitchers. Plus, you get unlimited communication with me to help you along the way!

My daughter has an in person pitching coach, will the Academy be a useful tool or too confusing with two coaches?

The Academy absolutely works along side an in person pitching coach. It can be used to replace your pitching coach or as an additional tool for at home help. I have current members in both situations. The Academy can be used for additional workouts and help when you are away from your in person coach. Typically pitchers see a coach only 1 time a week for a short period of time. With the Academy you have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

How is your Academy different than any other online pitching program?

There is not one Online Program that offers a Community Foundation with Personalized Instruction for every single level of softball including Coaches all in ONE PLACE! The Academy is unique in it's flexibility to fit every single pitchers needs. Whether you are looking for structure or freedom with your pitching/coaching you've got it! Take charge of your Pitching now!

How does the Subscription work? (canceling or pausing)

Your purchase of the Academy becomes your monthly renewal date. Every Month you will be automatically charged on that renewal date. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If canceling - you must cancel inside of your own paypal account before the renewal date or you will be charged for the next month. No refunds available.

How can I benefit as a Pitching Coach inside of the Academy?

Grow your pitching knowledge and stay current with the most recent pitching mechanics. Offer your pitchers drills and new workouts. Receive support from our pitching coach community and myself. Join our future events and clinics!

Do you offer team and organization subscriptions?​

Offer your Team or entire Organization access to the Academy! Give your Pitchers the training they deserve outside of regular practices Serious inquiries only for special group rate subscriptions