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Crazii Paisleys - Your Softball Plyo Balls!

For Pitching, Throwing & Hitting; Low inventory - order now!


Before you start training, let's go over a couple of important things. 

- Take care of your Training Balls - DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE SUN (it's best to put them back in their bag and in a cool place when storing)

- Over time the Balls will lose air. With use, travel and shipment they begin to look deflated. It's easy to bring them back to life! Use a small basketball pump or any pump with a smaller needle to inflate them. Keep them around a softball size or smaller to avoid over inflating. 

- The Crazii Paisleys can be used for Throwing, Pitching, Exercising and Hitting. 

- 30 Day Exchange for Product Malfunction (email [email protected])

How to use them!  

5 Balls - 5 Weights - with SEAMS!!

BLACK - 2lbs this is the heaviest Ball. It is mainly used for spins, arm care, slow arm patterns and lower half leg work. 

PURPLE - 1lb this Ball is mainly used for spins, arm care, slow arm patterns and lower half leg work. This is also a fun one to hit. 

GREY - 11oz this Ball is great for spins, pitching drills, overhand and underhand patterns plus hitting.

SILVER - 9oz this Ball is great for spins, pitching drills, overhand and underhand patterns plus hitting.

WHITE - 7oz approximately the weight of a softball! Awesome for maximum arm and leg speed drills. This is our favorite Ball for "WALL BALL!"

Designing your Workouts


These Workouts should comprise of 6-8 arm care exercises and/or 4 lower half exercises with the Crazii Paisleys. Focus on good form - 3 sets of 12-20 reps! Aim for 3-4 of this routine per week using the 1-2lb Balls. These are exercises not patterns or drills. 


Fantastic for warming up at lessons, bullpens and games. These routines should start with 1 set of 10 Reverse Throws (1-2lb) starting at 50% effort and adding 10% effort to each rep until you are at 100%. Then pick 2 overhand and 2 underhand patterns around 4-6 reps each (7-9oz). I suggest 2 stationary drills and 2 dynamic to get the legs moving. Starting at 70% effort and building 10% per rep until 100% again. 


These workouts will focus on 80-100% of your maximum effort. Always start with a great warm up and plyo warm up. Choose 4 Stationary Patterns and 4 Dynamic Patterns (7-11oz). 3 sets of 8-12; 2 Reps at 80%, 2 Reps 90% and finish the rest of the reps at 100% effort. This should be 2 or less times per week. 


This workout should be 2 set of 10 Reverse throws (1-2lb) and 2 Overhand/2 Underhand patterns of choice (7-11oz). No reps should exceed 60% of your maximum effort. This is recovery day, do not push it!

Don't want to design your own workouts? Check the 4 Week Program using the Crazii Paisleys below!




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**Medical & Purchase disclaimer:
Please do not use the Crazii Paisley Plyo Balls or start this program if you are currently injured. Always consult with your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. Use of the information in this program and use of the Crazii Paisley Plyo Balls is strictly at your own risk. The author, Toni Paisley and Paisleys Pitching LLC will not assume any liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may result including, but not limited to, economic loss, injury, illness or death.
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